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Character Information
Character Name: Rapunzel
Fandom: Disney’s Tangled
Source: Rapunzel on Wikipedia

Character History: Many years ago, a young queen was very, very pregnant with her first child . . . and very, very sick. Desperate to save his beloved’s life and that of their child, the king sent trusted men on a quest to find a legendary flower said to have the power to heal. This flower was found and brought back, but unfortunately, a woman named Gothel had already laid claim on it, hiding it for centuries and using its power to keep herself young and beautiful – a veritable Fountain of Youth. The flower’s blossom was steeped in water and given to the queen. She recovered from her illness and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Her parents were dark-haired, but the baby was born with hair of startling gold . . . like the liquid drop of sunlight said to have been the seed from which the flower had grown.

One night shortly after the birth, Gothel stole into the nursery. She sang to the baby the incantation she’d sung for centuries to the flower and, to her delight, watched the baby’s hair begin to glow brightly just as the flower had, and the wrinkles on her hands faded away. She drew a pair of scissors, but the first bit of hair she cut withered and died in her hand, and the lock still attached to the baby’s head darkened to deep brown, the same color as her parents’ with the loss of its magic. Determined to take back what she felt was hers alone, Gothel stole the little girl to hide even better than she’d hidden the flower, where no one would ever find her. The king and queen, and their whole kingdom with them, were left to grieve for their lost princess, and every year on the child’s birthday, a festival was held culminating in a massive lighting of paper lanterns that were released to float high into the air. The hope was that one day, somehow, the lights in the sky would lead the princess home.

Fast forward eighteen years . . . or, well, just shy of, anyway. A young woman named Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a home at the top of a high tower that stands in the middle of a small, well-hidden vale. She’s never set foot outside – never explored the area around the tower, never even felt the grass beneath her feet. And . . . and she’s okay with that. (Mostly.) Mother Gothel has told her all about the horrors of the outside world, the deceptive dangers that lurk even in the apparently peaceful vale around the tower and the dark forces that would take advantage of her and her gift. She’s well aware of the unique power she was born with, her magical hair that glows and has the power to heal when she sings the song her mother taught her as a very small child. She knows about the short, ugly lock of brown she keeps tucked away, hidden behind her right ear, that someone had already tried to take from her that gift, and it is her duty to protect it. Her hair has never been cut . . . and is now an impressive seventy feet in length. And, far from hampered by that daunting amount, she has learned to use it to advantage – like a whip to entangle and grasp things at a distance, as rigging rope for climbing and suspension, for warmth when she wraps it around herself, and as a lift to bring her mother home when Gothel’s been out gathering supplies and foodstuff.

Her constant companion is a sassy little chameleon named Pascal. Far more than a pet, he's her best friend, and quite intelligent – plays games with her, helps her with chores, tolerates her dressing him up in frilly little dresses, and is quick to give his opinion on just about anything. He's not capable of speech, but he gets his messages across. And he's very protective of his human friend.

Overall, Rapunzel is content with her life . . . but there is one thing she just can't let go of. Having studied astronomy among many, many other things (she's literally got all the time in the world on her hands, after all), she's noticed that there are . . . stars or . . . or something that only appear once a year, and always on her birthday, rising from the ground in the distance into the heavens above. Her one wish, her dearest dream, is to go see the floating lights, to find where they come from and what they mean. Her birthday is tomorrow, and she finally gets up the courage to ask Mother if she can go. Gothel, of course, forbids it – not only that, but Rapunzel is never to ask to leave the tower again. Ever.

Rapunzel is crushed . . . but then her hope is restored when someone – a man! – sneaks into the tower later that very morning, climbing the vertical rough stone to the single window high above the ground. Meaning to defend herself – men are dangerous, they have pointy teeth! – Rapunzel KO's him with a frying pan and hides him in her closet . . . and then spazzes that she has a person in her closet OMG! She spends the next few minutes "arguing" with Mother (to herself in the mirror) that, see, she really can take care of herself! Right before beaning herself by accident with the frying pan, oops.

She finds something in the man's shoulder bag but doesn't know what it is (she not only doesn't recognize what "a" crown is, she has no way of knowing that it's in fact her crown, which he stole from the castle shortly before). It looks really pretty, though, and she figures it must be worth something to the man, so she hides it so she can use it as a bargaining chip. Tying him up in a chair – with her hair as the rope – she convinces him to take her to see the floating lights, escorting her there and back again (she asked Gothel for more paint of a certain color, the materials for which are three days' travel to acquire – that'd keep her away long enough to not notice Rapunzel being gone). As it seems to be the only way he's going to get his crown back, the man, Flynn Rider, reluctantly agrees.

The two depart from the tower, Rapunzel at first exuberantly leaping from the window on a lifeline of golden hair, but then stops inches short of the ground, having to take a moment to work up the nerve to put her bare feet on the grass, and is then thoroughly taken with the feel of it. In typical – and in this case, quite understandable – teenaged fashion, she spends the next hour or few hours yo-yo'ing in histrionics between exultant glee at her newfound freedom and frightened and horrified at herself for being such a terrible daughter and worrying about how furious Mother is going to be. Flynn, for his part, would kind of like to just dump the little basketcase in a river or something and be done with her.

Finally, they reach some kind of excuse for civilization – a rough little tavern full of ugly cutthroats, on the edge of the forest. Unbeknownst to her, Flynn brings her here specifically to attempt to frighten her into calling the whole thing off, have him take her back to her tower now, give him his crown, and let him be on with his merry life. Unbeknownst to him, Rapunzel has an uncanny Disney princess power knack for charming the socks off of just about anyone, merely by talking to them in earnest. In an attempt to keep the thugs from beating the crap out of Flynn and turning him in for reward money before he can take her to see the lights (Flynn hadn't counted on that part!), she winds up getting everyone to sing talk about their dreams. Doing so softens the thugs up towards her . . . so they help her (oh, and yeah, Flynn too) to escape through a secret hatch when the king's soldiers show up looking for Flynn. The captain's horse, however, is as good as a bloodhound for following a scent and leads the soldiers right to the trapdoor. The chase is on!

The two escape through a tunnel onto a ledge just under a large dam, trapped between the approaching soldiers and a steep drop-off to the bottom of a ravine far below. The soldiers burst from the end of the tunnel, Flynn's former partners-in-crime – a pair of cutthroat brothers – make an appearance in the ravine below, and a fight ensues. Rapunzel proves quite capable of taking care of herself – and Flynn – by getting them both out of harm's way, swinging from aqueduct supports on strands of hair like Indiana Jones' whip. The two make it to the ground, but in the struggle, many of the dam's supports are knocked loose or broken, and the dam collapses, releasing a deluge into the ravine.

Rapunzel, with Pascal still clinging to her as always, and Flynn become trapped in a pocket of space within the rock of the opposite wall after ducking into what they'd hoped was a tunnel to the other side. As the water level rises, Flynn tries to find a way out but can't see – it's pitch dark. Believing themselves about to drown, Flynn makes a confession – his real name is Eugene Fitzherbert. "Someone might as well know." Rapunzel manages a small, sad grin, then makes a confession of her own. She has magical hair that glows when she sings.


She has magical hair that glows when she sings! She manages to get only the first two lines of the song out before she's forced to pull a deep breath as the water closes over her head . . . but then her hair does indeed begin to glow, from the roots all the way down its seventy feet, lighting the whole area. Flynn notices a spot where part of her hair seems pulled towards a pile of rocks – there's a current there! Frantic as both the glow and the air in their lungs begin to fail, both swim down and begin pulling at the rocks, trying to clear the opening. Finally, Flynn's hand breaks through and they loosen enough rocks for the water to do the rest, bursting forth in a powerful flow that sweeps Rapunzel, Flynn, and Pascal into a river.

In the process, Rapunzel and Pascal will lose consciousness . . . and Wake in Nautilus.

(Whether they wake on the Eastern beach or at the gate of one of the other districts, they'll both be thoroughly soaked. Also, note to mods: I'd love for Pascal to come with Rapunzel – he's not really a fully separate character in his own right, more just an accessory, an extra reaction to things.  Think Michael Trinity's little companion.  Or Megamind's minion bots.  I'm cool with it if not, though. Just let me know either way.  Either way, though?  She'll have her frying pan.  XD)

Character Personality:
Rapunzel is pretty much as sweet and spunky as they come. She's clever, outgoing, opinionated, imaginative, resourceful, and has a sense of joy and excitement about life and everything around her that is absolutely infectious. It's a little surprising that she's not more insecure or bitter or something, considering she's grown up with a woman who is vain, selfish, and rather emotionally abusive (primarily in subtly manipulative, passive-aggressive ways), but then, it's all she's ever known, so she's had nothing to compare it to except maybe characters in books. Before Flynn climbed through her window, she'd never actually met another human being before. She is a very obedient daughter and loves Mother Gothel with all her heart, believing her overprotective mother loves her as well and just wants the best for her . . . completely oblivious to the fact that the woman is actually her kidnapper and jailor. And she is in fact quite capable of just a tiny bit of manipulation herself, aware of that or not (Gothel raised her well in that respect – she knows what to say and when to at least better her chances of getting what she wants).

Rapunzel is the epitome of "sheltered life", knowing only of the world around her what Mother has told her or she's read in books . . . at least until she's gotten out and started experiencing bits of it for herself over the past several hours. She's easily startled – like a toddler, everything is new and strange to her – but she's surprisingly NOT so easy to really faze, quick to bounce back from set-backs, quick to stand up to anything in her way, determined not to let it get the best of her. That's not to say she doesn't get overwhelmed or scared, but she doesn't let uncertainty or fear stop her either. She always looks for the good in people and in situations. She's daring, acrobatic, and completely fearless of heights. Or of injuring herself, but then, why shouldn't she be when she can so easily heal herself with a lock of hair and a brief song?

She has a tough-as-nails core within her sweet, loving, exuberant nature. She's very forgiving and understanding, so it's really hard to upset or anger her, but when she is, it shows clearly, and she's not afraid to act on it to set right whatever is wrong. She has a very regal bearing about her when she's angry (as opposed to the childlike glee that defines her most any other time). She'll even find she has the strength to stand up to Mother (she hasn't discovered that yet as of her pull-point, but that facet of her is still there).

She's extremely creative and resourceful, using whatever's on-hand to at least try to accomplish what she needs to. Man, look out! She has a frying pan and she knows how to use it! (hint: cast iron . . . it's not just for cooking.) In more down-to-earth terms, she's a really hard worker, unafraid to put her back into anything that needs doing. She doesn't even think about it; she just does it. She's certainly not averse to getting her hands dirty. And she's stronger than her rail-thin build would lead one to believe.

Powers and Abilities: Rapunzel would make The. Perfect. housewife! She cooks and bakes, she cleans, she sews, she knows chess, she paints . . . she can even rock a wicked guitar! Her skill set is impressively varied (she's had eighteen years of nothing else to do, so…).

Her true power, though, of course, lies in her hair. With a special song, she can make it glow brightly, and it has the power to reverse aging, heal wounds . . . even resurrect the dead! (She doesn't know about that last one yet.) As an aside, her tears hold the same power – again, she's not aware of this yet. Actually . . . it could likely be argued that the power is in her, all of her, that she doesn't need it to be focused only through her hair or her tears. By the time this would probably ever come into play, though, she'll almost certainly have learned to Bend enough that she'd realize THAT way that she doesn't absolutely need her hair.

One could also argue that her hair has another "power" of sorts, in that she seems to be able to sort of make it obey her will in minor ways. It could just be the skillful flick of her wrist, but it's still pretty uncanny how it – all of its thousands of strands – can hold together so nicely even as it swings and hooks things or wraps around them. Even years of manual practice shouldn't be enough to make it do what it does – gotta be a little bit of something else adding oomph. And boy, can she do a lot with her hair! And on a bit of a side note, either she's got a neck stronger than a WWF wrestler (to be dragging the weight of that much hair behind her constantly), or her hair is magically very, very lightweight. (My vote is the latter, personally.)

First person:
[The feed comes on to a face REALLY close to the camera. Rapunzel, lean back from your book! After a second or three, she pulls back. By her surroundings, she's in the Western District. With a bright grin, she waves, wide green eyes sparkling with excitement.]

Haha, okay, I have to admit I feel kind of silly talking to a book, but since it's a magical book that lets all you lovely people see me and we can talk to each other through it . . . well, here goes.

So, I've been exploring around and I found something really strange, so I hope I'm not bothering anyone by asking this. But . . . well, here. Look! [She turns the book around. From the angle, it's hard to tell what exactly she's referring to, since nothing in particular is centered on the screen, but it's probably the hand-leafed trees. A little too quickly for the faint-of-stomach, the book swings back around to face an exuberant Rapunzel. On her shoulder, Pascal's looking like he's not really having it. He doesn't like it here.] What are those!? They look like trees, but they look funny. They have hands on them. Is that normal? Are they for helping catch people if they climb up and then fall? That'd be pretty handy if they are! [Her eyes widen further with an "oh!" expression as she realizes the unintentional pun, then she gets a sheepish look on her face, blushing softly behind the grin.] I mean . . . yeah, it'd be really helpful.

And the sky! It's so beautiful! I've never seen such an incredible red, even at sunset. Except it's only, like, noon. Is it always like this here?

Oh! [Something off-camera has caught her attention. She's not afraid, but her eyes have gotten saucer-sized again.] Wow, I didn't know spiders could get so huge. I'll bet they make the most amazing spiderwe- Ah . . . why are you all chittering at me like that? [Pascal is hunched low on her shoulder.  He's gone yellow to blend back with her hair even as he's failing miserably at a tough façade. He chitters back at them before losing his nerve and ducking behind Rapunzel's neck under her hair.] Ooh . . . oh, nice spiders . . . nice spiders, don't-AH!

[With a pitched squeak of alarm, the book is dropped as the frying pan comes out.]

Third Person:
Rapunzel stood perfectly still, transfixed by the sight before her. Even Pascal, perched as ever on her left shoulder, stared in awe.

The ocean. It had to be. She'd dreamed about one day seeing the ocean! Not as fervently as she had the floating lights, but it had been a dream nonetheless. Unattainable, or at least not likely, but fun to think about all the same. And now, here it was.

The air was cool and salty on her face, and the pale, uneven ground shifted weirdly under her bare feet. Sand. It's called sand. The fine grit would probably play havoc in her hair, but she'd worry about that later. She was sure she could find a brush, or maybe someone would lend her one. Yes . . . she could deal with that later. For now –

She was on a beach! Oh, if only Mother could see her now! With a sudden whoop of glee that broke the awed enchantment, the girl rushed forward, bounding across the sand, yards of trailing hair covering her footprints. Laughing, she jumped into the forward edge of the wave that crawled quickly up the sand toward her.

Her laughter cut off with a startled yelp. "Omigoshomigoshomigosh!" She danced back out of the water, stepping reflexively sideways so she didn't trample her hair, gathering it into her arms as she backpedaled. Goodness, she hadn't expected it to be so cold! She shivered, then bent over to look at her feet where wet sand clung to the soles. She giggled and pointed, lifting one foot. "Pascal, look! I have SAND-als!" Pascal just rolled his eyes at her pun.

Slowly, she moved forward again, letting herself get used to the chill of the water. The current tugged at her dress; fabric swished back and forth around her legs. She'd never learned to swim – she'd never had opportunity before – but that didn't really cross her mind. "Going swimming" was a concept she knew about, and it sounded like a great idea right now. As with everything she'd ever done in her life, she dove right in, figuring she'd figure it out and learn in the trying.
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